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Exhaust fan hinges are and should be routine maintenance because of the NFPA fire codes that require exhaust fans to be hinged. Installing these fan hinges allows the cleaning of the fan and the duct that routes to the fan. The fan will last longer by installing fan hinges that are required by code. Taking a fan through the cleaning process, some people remove them and place them on the roofs, but it increases the chances of possibly damaging the soft aluminum from the exhaust fan that is easily bendable. Installing a hinge will require you to tilt back the fan to allow access to your fan system. If they’re not hinged, fans can get out of balance and cause them to get damaged by vibrating and emitting noise. Damage can result to your fans electrical wires and will cost you more money. You can visit our About page to learn more about our services like restaurant hood cleaning and many more.

Our company has exhaust fan hinges in inventory that fits most restaurant exhaust systems. When we get it done, we can regularly maintain it for you to better prepare your kitchen for a future inspection. There are several types of hinges depending on your type of exhaust fan. Just to name a few, there are L-Bar Hinge Kits, Driploc Hinge Kits and Omni Super Hinge. Those come with standards sizes and heavy duty or over-sized hinges. It simply is on a case by case basis for the size of your fan. We know exactly what the National Fire Protection Association requires of you and we’ll get the job done if you’d like. Not having proper fan hinges results in code violations that will also give you a fine. If you’re anything like me, you’d hate to have to pay for something when you knew you could avoid it. This is a critical point that inspectors check. So are you ready to make sure your fan hinges are checked and not damaged? When you are, contact our number or our contact form to get your appointment booked with our specialist. We’ll come for a walk-through and give you advice as to what steps to take to pass any inspection.

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