Orlando Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Mexican Restaurants in Orlando

It is believed that Mexican food originated with the Mayans hundreds of years ago.  They were nomads that lived off the land with fresh seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables.  One of their most common meals was corn tortillas with mashed beans.

Today, every city and town has at least two Mexican restaurants.  Some of them lean towards the Tex-Mex and some say they serve traditional true Mexican food with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

The city of Orlando, Florida has scores of Mexican restaurants and food trucks.  Orlando Hood Cleaning is going to review three of these Mexican restaurants.

Orlando Florida RestaurantSan Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant is in West Orlando in the Horizons West district.  It got its humble beginnings when five brothers were encouraged by family and friends to open their own Mexican restaurant.  They first restaurant was opened in the Spring of 2000 and can now boast four locations across Central Florida.

The brothers developed their love of cooking when they were very young.  They used to help out their grandmother in the kitchen making corn and flour tortillas then graduating into more complicated cooking.

At San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant, the employees have a team frame of mind.  Working together, they strive to provide the best hospitality to their patrons as well as amazing meals.  They are doing something right as their online posts give them over a four-star rating.

Located at 551 S. Chickasaw Trail is Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar.  Owner, Don Sacramento Rodriguez, opened his first restaurant in Athens, Georgia in 1975 after moving to the United States from Mexico.Orlando FL Restaurant

He now has two locations of Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar in Central Florida.  He keeps his Mexican roots in his traditional meals even keeping his families’ secret recipe for the preparation of daisies.

They have well over one thousand three hundred positive internet posts that give them well over four and one-half stars.

MX Taco’s history begins with Chef Ryan Manning.  Spending time in Mexico and working in several Mexican restaurant kitchens, Chef Ryan got the cooking bug and never looked back.

Orlando Florida Restaurant MediaWorking through a partnership with the Mexican Embassy to the United States – Mexican Cultural Institute, Chef Manning wanted to bring the rich culture and foods from Mexico to the United States.

Prior to opening MX Taco on N. Bumby Avenue, Chef Manning spent some time working with large hotel chains honing his skills.  Some of the large companies he worked for were The Ritz-Carlton and Disney.  They only have forty-eight reviews on the world wide web, but they are close to a five-star rating!

Orlando Hood Cleaning is proud to bring these three Mexican Restaurant reviews to you today.  Every restaurant owner or manager understands the importance of having a thorough hood cleaning done at least once every three months.  Grease can build up in the kitchen exhaust system causing severe fire danger.  At Orlando Hood Cleaning we have trained professionals that get the job done right the first time.

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