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Rooftop Grease Containment Systems for Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Rooftop Grease Containment

Business owners and kitchen managers know how vital it is to have a roof that can withstand the tough residue from grease and oils compounding every day. Other than the weather, grease, and grime damage the roof membrane over time and is detrimental to how long the roof will last.

If your facility is a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or an area where food processing is taking place, the roof membrane risks getting more damage than on any other type of commercial structure. Liabilities arise such as expensive repairs, code violations, and safety issues when there is a failure to route the exposure of grease to a proper channel. Grease contamination also voids warranties from manufacturers in most cases that then lead to costly repairs. This is why it’s better to have regular cleaning on the unit. You can also visit our About page to learn more about our company and other services.

Other issues include:

  • Pest & Insect Infestation
  • Health & Building Code Violations
  • Fire Code Violations
  • Risk of EPA Violations

Prevention is always the best possible route because it keeps your equipment longer-lasting and presentable 100% of the time. Let’s protect your roof with grease containment systems, it’ll save you loads of headaches and money down the road.

Catch Pan & Collection Bucket Method

Catch pans are typically under exhaust systems and their biggest issues are when heavy rainstorms mix and move the grease out of the pans and buckets and into the roofing material. Pans start deteriorating and creating holes and cracks. Grease should always be disposed of properly because of its side effects on the environment and other equipment around them.

Modern Solutions

Some systems we prefer are Roof Guardians pad systems as well as the Grease Gutter. If you haven’t heard of them, they are similar to pans and collection bucket systems, where periodic, scheduled maintenance is important. Regular maintenance on these systems is less likely to spill with weather conditions.

How Can Orlando Hood Cleaning help us with our Grease Containment?

Well for one thing, we’ll quickly come for a visit and give you the best possible advice during our FREE walk-through. Restaurant grease along with oils damage roofs and can contribute to fires. Nobody wants unnecessary fire hazards in their buildings. Exhaust fans should do the job by removing the oily vapors that stick onto everything. Most of this grease will stick onto your roof because of its acidity and eventually cause deterioration of the roof.

Our primary way of preventing such things from happening to your roof is the simple installation of grease containment systems on your exhaust fans near your roof. Having the grease controlled and held away from your system will allow rain to not be mixed in with grease and causing more of a mess. A properly design grease containment with the hydrophobic pads that repel water is crucial in order to hold onto grease but eliminate water. Our commercial kitchen cleaning starts from the rooftop to the bottom of your restaurant with our goal being that your kitchen exhaust system is clean and functioning as it was intended to do so. We don’t want you to deal with a grease cleanup after months and years of grease being added up, it’ll be harder in the long run. We won't overlook these details like some other hood cleaners, Orlando Hood Cleaning wants to make sure you know exactly the situation on your roof - even if you never go there.

ORLANDO HOOD CLEANING not only cleans your necessary equipment but in case you do need to replace anything we do sell, install and maintain your system that will keep grease away from your roof. Having an effective system put in place is vital to a restaurant business and your system will be serviced each time your kitchen exhaust hood is cleaned. Rooftop grease containment should be properly worked on in order to keep costs low in the future for your business.

Schedule a time to find out how easy and great it is to add an important system to your building that will protect your roof and abide by codes. Your commercial kitchen exhaust system is waiting for you. Contact us for more information and an inspection.

ORLANDO HOOD CLEANING proudly provides service to the greater Orlando metro area for installing and sustaining rooftop grease containment systems and is fully insured, bonded, certified, and licensed.

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