Orlando’s Top Three Greatest Restaurants

orlando restaurant great flan

Orlando has long been my favorite city in Florida, but mostly because of the food. Orlando has great scenery and everything, but the food trumps all else. I doubt that it’s the healthiest food in the world, but if it tastes good then why does it matter? This list will detail all of my current favorite restaurants in Orlando, and each one of them is great in every sense of the word.

orlando ecuadorian restaurant good food

Casa Del Marisco serves a style of cuisine that not many people are familiar with, and that would be Ecuadorian food. Casa Del Marisco is located right in the center of Orlando’s food hub, the south side of town. Honestly, I could just walk around South Orlando and eat at different restaurants all day. I would most definitely look like Michael Moore afterwards, and not in a good way. Here, I have seen plenty of people leaving positive online reviews both before and after eating, which can only mean one thing. The Orlando restaurant is great enough to review before you even eat the food, which means a lot about the experience.

There are three things that Casa Del Marisco does right, and I’m going to list all of them. First is the service. All of the waiters have begun to recognize me as a regular, and remember what I order. Must be hard to remember, since I have ordered practically everything on the menu from my first visit. Even during my first dinner at Casa Del Marisco, the server was very kind and helpful. She asked me what kind of food I liked (I was asking for suggestions), and then provided multiple types of food that are similar.

That was much appreciated, and I’m sure that not very many people are familiar with different Ecuadorian dishes. One thing I’m familiar with now is how good they are. Not only is the service good, but what’s the point of being able to order if the food is terrible. Believe me, I have had some bad experiences in Orlando. Not with any of the Orlando restaurants on this list, thankfully, and I won’t be mentioning the others by name. Anyways, even people who don’t normally like exotic foods should still try a meal at Casa Del Marisco.

There’s definitely something on the menu for everybody, even children. Nothing on the menu jumped out at me price wise, so you should be able to afford a meal for the whole family. Unless you’re eating alone. Price is a deal breaker for me, as I know it is with a lot of middle-class workers such as myself. After all, I’m not going to repeatedly eat at a restaurant if I can’t afford the food they serve. My family loves to share food, and the proportions here are amazing.

We’re never left hungry and that’s a very good thing. We usually order the encebollado and cazuela, and it’s enough to fill us up. The final thing I want to mention is Casa Del Marisco’s sanitation. Right from the time this restaurant was established, they made sure to contact us and schedule an Orlando hood cleaning. Even though Orlando’s a pretty big city with a lot of restaurants, business can get bad at times. They asked about our additional services, like our kitchen exhaust system cleaning, which was actually kind of a surprise.

By the way, if you want to learn more about our business there’s an about page for you and others like you. Casa Del Marisco is a family owned restaurant, so you know they’re reliable and respectable people who aren’t shady. You’ve heard plenty from me, but to hear thoughts from other people make sure to check out all of this Orlando restaurant’s positive online reviews. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Maybe you can even find a few suggestions on the menu from other people and try what they did.

orlando restaurant tacos el rancho

Here’s another Latin restaurant, except this one specializes more in the taco aspect of Latin food. Tacos El Rancho is located in Lake Eola Heights in Orlando, packed to the brim with beautiful scenery nearby. The green enchiladas are absolutely the best item on the menu, and I appreciate that the chefs don’t just completely drown the enchiladas with sauce. Not everyone can handle spicy food, and although I like to eat it, I happen to be one of those with a low tolerance for heat.

Expect to find great, affordable food again at this Orlando restaurant. In addition, Tacos El Rancho is really really clean. I mean, everything from the tables to the dishes to the bathroom is clean. One thing that I love about this restaurant is the music. It’s not something that a lot of people notice unless it’s done wrong, like when the music is blaring and you can’t hear the people sitting across from you.

Whoever plays the music inside has nice taste, and strikes a nice balance in the volume. This is a very good Latin restaurant in Orlando overall, and I really look forward to the next time I can eat here. Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks this way, because Tacos El Rancho has dozens of positive reviews and there’s no way I can type that fast.

orlando restaurant underground public house

This last review will be pretty rapid-fire, as I’m running out of room. First of all, make sure to be in Orlando’s Central Business District. If you’re looking for my favorite dish from here, that would be the buffalo chicken wrap. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I debated even including this restaurant, but I wanted to point out the fact that it’s in Orlando’s central business district.

This may not mean a lot to most people, but I know a lot of business owners like myself are always looking for a great place to have business lunches. I know a lot of others agree with me, but it could just be the quality of the food. Whatever the reason, Underground Public House has a ton of amazing reviews.