Orlando’s Top Three Restaurants for Tourists


orlando salad restaurant greenbeatThere are a lot of cities throughout the United States that are known for their good food, with larger cities generally having the best food because of their dense tourist population. Not all cities are this way, however, and I have been pretty disappointed with the less popular restaurants in Orlando lately. As such, I decided to go back and eat at my favorite restaurants, just so I could be reminded that there is great food found within the city. These three have been the most consistent across all of my years in Florida, and I hope people visiting Orlando will enjoy them as much as I do.

First on the list is Nine Spices Hot Pot, which offers a style of cuisine that not everyone is familiar with. Hot pot is a method of cooking mainly found in Chinese restaurants, and involves having a pot of stock where the raw ingredients are gradually added in at the table. It reminds me of Mongolian grill-style restaurants, where they prepare the food right in front of you. There’s no fancy magic show or gimmicks to keep the customers coming back, though. That is entirely the job of their amazing food. It is hard to say what my favorite dish is at Nine Spices Hot Pot, solely because of the way that you prepare the food. However, I have not eaten a bad meal here before so that is already a good sign. Most restaurants in any city will advertise how “fresh” their ingredients are, but I have had a conversation with the management here and they revealed that Nine Spices Hot Pot actually does use fresh produce. I know that it sounds like a necessity for cuisine like this, but I tend to be surprised when eating at most restaurants. That is why they are not on this list, and this Orlando restaurant is. Food can get a restaurant very far, but one a major aspect of the industry that the competition is lacking in happens to be sanitation. Keeping a restaurant clean isn’t that tough, especially when a dirty restaurant will have less customers. It is part of the wait staff’s job to clean up tables and other furniture as they go, no matter how busy the Orlando restaurant is. Although Nine Spices Hot Pot is by no means a traditional restaurant, the staff still manage to stay on top of the sanitation and I appreciate it. Really makes each dollar I spend worth it in the end. While I am on the topic of staff, I want to commend both the chefs and wait staff here. I have seen plenty of restaurant staff crack under pressure, not just in Orlando. It’s just a job, and your job needs to get done regardless of your current emotional state. These guys really know how to keep their cool, and provide a friendly experience that almost makes you feel like you are part of a family. Windhover in Orlando does have a decent amount of restaurants that are good, but not to this level. I have left more than one great online review for Nine Spices Hot Pot, and I am sure that I will leave many more in th


As I mentioned in the previous review, sanitation is of vital importance when you are maintaining a restaurant (and its image).