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So, let me start with the background that brought me to assisting commercial kitchen hood cleaning services.  I came out of computer systems management and technical recruiting for web development before I became passionate about helping small businesses to market their businesses on the internet. I was burned out and really wanted to love my work.  So, I started to look at helping business owners to get more referrals and clients.

As I started, I met a guy that owned a restaurant hood cleaning business and I was fascinated by his company. But he told me that he’d paid $5000 for his restaurant vent hood cleaning service website.  He said he was also paying an SEO $500 per month to be ranked in the search engines for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

I asked him how many leads he was getting. He said that maybe 1 or 2.  I was surprised until I looked at his website and his placement in the search engines. From a marketing standpoint, you could tell that he was in the restaurant hood cleaning business but there were not enough indicators to let the search engines to know what city he was in and giving him strength in the field of hood cleaning.

Also, you could barely find his phone number to call him.  BIG MISTAKE and online Hood Cleaning Marketing 101 first point are to make it easy for the reader to find your phone number without scrolling and make it easy to read.  So, I had definite ways that I could help him.

We started by rebuilding his website to encourage phone calls.  Then we did some marketing to the search engines.  Within 90 days, we had generated 150 phone calls.  At that point, we had a case study that proved what we could do for a commercial hood cleaning company to outshine his competitors. Since then, he’s become the busiest hood cleaner in his city.  Last week, he told me that 2 of his competitors had given up and closed their businesses.  So, less low pricing competitors give him more clients and allow him to raise his rates a little.

How a Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service Can Improve Their Referral Flow

We’ve been working for a client in Houston.  Houston hood cleaning is a very competitive market with a few dozen kitchen exhaust cleaning companies competing for the business.  To give you some idea of scale, there are more than 10,000 restaurants in the Houston area.  So, knowing how to lead the pack in online marketing for Houston hood cleaning can be a real goldmine.

But, how do you do this?  It’s not simple. It’s not easy. It is worth a lot, however.  The first step is to have a solid website that is built with technology that the search engines prefer.  Now, as a hood cleaner, you might glaze over about this explanation.  I’ll try to relay this well.  A proper website is divided into layers.  There is the visual layer that you see when you look at the site. Consider this the ‘presentation layer’  Then there is the ‘content layer’.  This is the actual verbiage, pictures, and video that is layered onto the presentation layer.  Behind these visible elements is the ‘coding layer’.  The coding layer also contains hidden data called ‘metadata’ and this information is built for the search engines to further understand your website.

Metadata can contain nothing or everything.  In the case of your commercial kitchen hood cleaning service, you might want to have coding to tell:

  • Your physical address within your city
  • Your business category
  • Your GPS location
  • A description of your company
  • A fantastic, pertinent page description

If the search engines examine your ‘meta tags’.  Then they can identify you more easily as a commercial hood cleaning company.  You may or may not have competitors that have put meta tags in their site, but if they don’t, and you do – you’ll certainly do better.

There are ways to test your competition for their meta tags.  I have looked at the restaurant hood cleaners in Houston and found that the majority of the competitors have some meta tags but they’re not perfect.

How to Get a Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company to Identify in a Specific Geography

This can be really important and I’ll use my Houston Hood Cleaning client as an example.  He needs to appeal to great restaurants in the Houston area and to great restaurant chains that have stores in Houston.  How would he get someone like Truck Yard for casual dining or Pappas Brothers Steakhouse in Downtown Houston? Being identified by great restaurants like this so that you can do their hood cleaning can be very important. By the way, check out the reviews for Pappas Brothers Steakhouse – pretty incredible.

We have our own methodology for doing this and no, we don’t go cold calling on them.  If you’re in the hood cleaning business and you’re still relying on cold calling restaurant kitchen managers or restaurant owners, you’re burning way too much of your time.  Every single hood cleaning cold call can take an hour.  Ugh.  And to be told 80% of the time that they’re happy with their current hood cleaning service?  No thanks.

Pappas-Brother-Houston-TX-Hood-CleaningOur method of getting more great Houston restaurants to CALL US is simple – we do the restaurants some online favors.  We give them Yelp reviews. We talk about how much we love their great menus and how much we appreciate their clean, safe kitchens and food handling.  We are good press for them.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

All of this helps to relate our hood cleaning site to the city.  In Houston, I want as many of those 10,000 restaurants to know about Houston TX Hood Cleaning as possible.  If I do win that battle, I’m going to have a very happy hood cleaning company owner.

Guest Post by JR Fent of Hood Cleaning Marketing.  JR is the leader in marketing for hood cleaning companies throughout the United States.  His efforts on behalf of restaurant hood cleaning companies generate over 1000 phone calls per month into hood cleaners from Seattle to Miami.  You can reach him at (775) 544-1112 or at if you have questions about his services.