Three New Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Restaurant ReviewsI wanted to write an article about three very different new restaurants in the Orlando, FL area.  The first is Ageve Azule who is located in Orlando, Florida.  This restaurant is part of a string of restaurants owned by the Rios Restaurant Group that will be spread throughout Florida.  They are actually opening one in Maitland, FL and another in Windermere, FL.  But for today, I will concentrate on their location in Orlando, FL

This restaurant opened about two months ago and features a variety of New Mexican Cuisine.  So far there have been over 600 reviews that have earned them four solid stars.  They are open Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 11pm and 11am to 12pm Friday and Saturday.  They offer a full bar of Margaritas, Cocktails, Cervasas and Wine.

They do offer plenty of room to host a private event, parties get togethers, business and office luncheons.  They can accommodate 50+ people (so, if you are planning your companies next Christmas party – call now to reserve the space).Orlando Restaurant reviews

Thinking of having a meal catered?  Agave Azule in Orlando, gets rave reviews from the clients who have hired them for an event.  From weddings to seminars, they can create a menu that fits just about any hungry tummy.  Taco Bars, Fajita Bars, Chopped Salads and Enchiladas Bars on up to desserts like Flan, Chocolate Cakes, Tres Leches, Churros and more with their own Pastry Chef.Orlando Restaurant Reviews

Next restaurant up is the Jinya Ramen Bar. I picked this place because years ago I saw a movie call Ramen Girl.  It is about this American women who moves to Japan to be with her boyfriend.  He ends up moving out of town and she decides she does not want to go back home quite yet.  From her balcony, she observes this small Ramen restaurant and becomes fascinated with it.  She approaches the owner and offers to help in the restaurant if he will teach her how to make Ramen.  I won’t go into more but I do recommend this movie.  It is funny and heart-warming at the same time.

Well, since I saw that movie, I have been a quest to find great Ramen in any town I visit.  Jinya Ramen opened in Orlando about five weeks ago and has 90 reviews which put them at a solid four stars.

There are more than one locations but for today I am talking about the Jinya Ramen restaurant located in Thornton Park, Orlando. FL.  Jinya’s founder is Tomonori Takahashi who moved from Japan to the United States in 2010.  His father was a successful restauranteur in Japan and while he sought out great ramen, he realized he would have to do it himself.

One of things I learned from the movie ramen is not about the noodles as much as it is about the broth.  Their signature stocks take center-stage on their menu.  They don’t just rely on their stock though, they take their noodles seriously.  They not only make their noodles daily, they age them for three days to maximize flavor.  Their soups look amazing with “Slurp Up Cilantro”, “Spicy Umami Miso Ramen” to “Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen”.Orlando Restaurant Reviews

Now, if you are not a ramen soup lover, you can still enjoy a great meal at Jinya Ramen.  They offer snacks like Crispy Chick Peas and Edamame as well as small plates like Pork Gyoza (pot stickers I call them), Salmon Cilantro Sashimi and Spicy Creamy Shrimp Tempura.  There is a selection of Mini Tacos as well as Rice Bowls and Curry.


Don’t forget dessert!  Try one of their BlockPops (Green Tea Pistachio & triple Berry White Chocolate Ice Cream.  Jinya’s offers Kid’s Meal as well.  Oh, try their Happy Hour too!

Now, to switch to a totally different kind of venue is the beloved craft barbeque.  The Noble Smokesman opened about three months ago in the South John Young area of Orlando.  And has received over 30 reviews.

Nicholas Marino is the master behind The Noble Smokesman.  With over 20 years of true barbeque experience, Nicholas knows that slow is better.  Using a custom blend of hard woods and fruit woods, he smokes the meat for 12 hours.

Orlando Restaurant ReviewsTheir menu, in Orlando, will make your mouth water like you have never seen.  Noble Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked chicken and St. Louis Ribs to name a few.  There are Craft Sandwiches like The Noble Smokesman – brisket, onion rings, picked red onion, Noble sauce and beer cheese or The Hog Hunter – pulled pord, seeded brioche, fennel apple slaw and pickled red onions.  A must try is their Smoked Taco’s like the Birdouse Taco – chopped leg quarter, smoked tomatillo, picked onions, cilantro cream and queso fresco.  I hear their Smoked cheddar Mac n Cheese is a must as well as their Sweet potato cubes, did I mention the Texas Street Corn?  Yummmm!

With a full like of custom catering menus, be sure to put The Noble Smokesman on your list for your next office party or event.


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